About Us

Who we are

EIS (Engineered Interlock Solutions) is a small to medium size Construction Company.

The company was established in 2008 as specialists in the design, supply and installations of concrete block retaining walls (Loffelstein retaining walls, Gabions and attenuation structures).

EIS operates in the Southern African region.

As a BEE compliant company it is of utmost importance to educate and equip people with skills, who can become part of and grow the industry to its full potential.

Retaining Walls

Our Mission

Our mission is to surpass the expectations of every client through the supply of economical and integrated engineer-designed construction solutions, for any problem or challenge. We are reliable, responsible and value a personal relationship with our clients.


As a company we want to stay small enough to have personal contact with each client and the management of their projects while filling the “in between” gap in the market and thus freeing up bigger companies to focus on their core business.

Field of Expertise

With the combination of 9 years experience in concrete block wall, geosynthetic reinforcement, sub surface draining design and 13 years of experience in concrete block wall construction, there is not a problem too big or too small for us to solve.

Our expertise lies with the building of retainer walls (based on the retaining wall code Sans 207), concrete block retaining, gabions, attenuation ponds, stormwater channels, erosion protection blankets and soft retaining wall facing systems.

We can become involved from the beginning of your project as we do the conceptual design, final design, bill of quantities and pricing, engineers drawings, the supply of products, building of the structure and award you with an engineer’s certificate at the completion of the project.

Our experience in the industry has equipped us to come up with innovative, alternative design solutions to conventional concrete retaining structures. You tell us your dilemma and we will provide a cost-effective solution in no time