Olivedale Case Study

Olivedale Retirement Village

The Olivedale retirement site is located on a slope and therefore the main aim of the retaining walls was to retain earth embankments and create platforms on which to build the units. EIS worked closely with the professional team to make sure all requirements of the client were met. Not only did the proposed plans fall within the original budget, but it also offered a faster construction time than the original proposals. The facings and precast concrete blocks were chosen carefully to give a friendly and more aesthetically pleasing look and feel to the development. The initial design was a conventional reinforced concrete retaining wall which is very expensive and time consuming to build. As an alternative we proposed a geosynthetic reinforced soil, InfraBlok™ 350, split face, Multi-blend retaining wall. The maximum height of the wall is 8m, with a face angle of 85⁰. A blanket drain subsurface drainage system was installed to accommodate the subsurface water. High tenacity polymer coated polyester reinforcement was used as soil reinforcement. A multi story building was constructed 1.8 meters from the top edge of the retaining wall.

Various Terrace Blok® 300, split face, Multi-blend retaining walls, with face angles of 75⁰ were constructed. The open type block allows for plants to flourish when planted, and this gives a softer and greener look and feel to the site. The heights of the walls range from 2m to 7.5m. All the walls have geosynthetic reinforcement. Except for the tight budget and time constraints, there was another catch. Two houses were already constructed on top of a 3m high embankment and EIS had to come up with a plan to build a retaining wall without causing damage to the existing structures. A 4.5m high retaining wall also needed to be established between the boundary of the estate and a row of houses, which granted limited space to work in. The best suitable solution was a cunning design combination between a concrete reinforced retaining wall and geosynthetic reinforced concrete block retaining wall using Infraset Infrablok™ 350, split face.