Aveng Infraset is renowned for manufacturing precast concrete products that comply with the requirements of the leading local standard authority (SANS) and that are aligned with top international quality management system standards (ISO: 9001:2008).

Aveng Infraset Terrace Blok® (190/190 Rockface)

9 blocks/m²

This light, multipurpose concrete block can be swiftly and seamlessly constructed on sloped embankments, using straight edges, curves or right angles - all without the requirement for foundations or mortar. It also has aesthetic value as one can plant creepers, plants or flowers in each of the pockets. Available in Sahara Sand, Multiblend and Tan colours.

Aveng Infraset Terrace Blok® TB 300/490

7 blocks/m²

The Aveng Infraset Terrace Blok® TB 300 is a market leader because it offers both open- or closed-face options (due to a unique slider that fits between the blocks) and it offers several other advantages, which includes economy, plantability and quality (ISO 9001:2000 with full manufacturers’ warranty). The system’s integrity has also been tested by independent geotechnical engineers. Available in a range of colours, that can be made to order.

Aveng Infraset Infrablok® 350

18 blocks/m²

This popular split face system offers both aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. It can i.e. be used for convex or concave curves and can easily transition from vertical concrete-filled structures to plantable inclined structures. It can also be used to construct vertical walls and complex staircases. Its closed-face construction method furthermore allows for ultra-effective backfill compaction and maximum wall mass. Available in Grey, Tan, Sahara Sand and Multiblend colours.

Aveng Infraset Infrablok® 425

13 blocks/m²

The Aveng Infraset Infrablok® 425 offers all the key advantages of the Aveng Infraset InfraBlok® 350 system featured here above, with the added choice of having it manufactured in either grey or colour.

Aveng RidgeBlok

17 to 25 blocks/m²

The Aveng RidgeBlok, a dry-stacked, solid concrete block system is renowned for its versatility. It i.e. offers both open- and closed-face options and can be aligned into very tight convex and concave curves. Plus it has the major benefit of being suitable for construction at any angle between 70-90 degrees to the horizontal, without compromising on structural integrity. The architectural groove patterns on the one side gives it a unique aesthetic appeal. Available in a variety of finishes and colours.

Aveng Embankment Seating System

The award-winning Aveng Embankment System is a top choice for seating and step solutions at schools, public spaces and major stadiums, as it is highly economic, durable and basically vandal-proof and maintenance-free. It was also purposefully engineered for simple, quick installation. Its standard colour is grey, but it can be coloured to suit the required look and feel.