MVA Bricks specializes in the production of SABS-approved Retaining Wall Blocks, Paving Blocks and Kerbs.


7 blocks/m2

The flat-face MVA-7 is ideal for either cut or fill walls in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

  • As its name implies, the MVA-7 is generally used on the basis of 7 blocks/m2 at wall angles of between 75 ̊ and 85 ̊.
  • MVA-7 is used in three configurations, open face (7 blocks/m2), closed face (7 blocks/m2), using sliders and closed face (11.8 blocks/m2), when the blocks are butt-faced.
  • Open face wall construction is the most economical application because fewer blocks per square metre are required.
    Increasing the number of blocks per m2 increases the load-bearing capacity and strength of the wall, for example, when used in the lower sections of high walls or for strengthening convex curves.
  • MVA-7 blocks can also be used for building attenuation ponds either in closed-face configurations or by using the slider-panel system.

  • MVA 7 Rockface

    7 blocks/m2

    The MVA-7 Rockface is ideal for cut or fill walls in commercial and domestic applications. It is made to the same dimensions as the MVA-7, which means it is generally used on the basis of 7 blocks/m2 at wall angles of between 75 ̊ and 85 ̊, but it can be used in closed-face configurations as well.

    Walls of 1.1m and under don’t require foundations and can be rapidly stacked in straight edges, curves or right angles. The soil-filled blocks can be planted with flowers or creepers. Plant root systems extend from the top of the blocks to the bottom of the wall cavities and into the embankment behind the wall – thereby lending extra strength to the wall.

    Walls higher than 1.1m should ideally be designed by an engineer. MVA works with specialist retaining wall contractors with proven track records in wall design and construction. They carry full accreditation and are fully endorsed by MVA

    MVA 13

    13 blocks/m2

    The half-moon MVA-13 is designed for both cut and fill walls in industrial, commercial and domestic applications at 13 blocks/m2.


  • An interlocking action on the horizontal plane means it is well suited to wall angles of between 60 ̊ and 90 ̊, and its closed-face configuration makes it ideal for attenuation pond construction.


  • Heavier than the constructed mass
    of the MVA-7, it has a much greater load-bearing capacity and can be deployed in round-face or flat-face fronts.
  • Coloured blocks for landscaped areas can be specially manufactured to order.
  • Grey blocks are available ex-yard.

  • MVA LockBlocks

    16 blocks/m2


    • LockBlocks are used in walls 2m – 20m high at angles of 60° – 90°.
    • Weighing24kg,LockBlocks’tongue–and– groove configuration is ideal for preventing geosynthetic creep by clamping the geofabric reinforcing laid between the blocks securely in position.
    • LockBlocks come into their own on walls in excess of eight metres, where high loadings and pressures require this special block.


    LockBlocks’positive interlocking mechanism disperses the horizontal forces between the blocks.

    • Although LockBlocks are generally used in a closed- face configuration (25.8 blocks/m2), costs can be saved when they are used in an open-face format (16 blocks/m2).
    • Open-face construction prevents the build-up of pore-water pressure behind the wall and allows plant growth


    170 x 170 x 390mm
    50.6kg per block
    15 blocks per pallet