Bosun has become known for an industry leader that manufactures products of up to European standards. The company manufactures three different types of retaining wall blocks, two of which are patented and all of which comply with the local SANS standards.

Bosun Robust Retaining Wall Block

5.12 blocks/m²

This innovative retaining wall block, which can either be utilised in open-face or closed-face configurations, is renowned for its market superior weight distribution and height tolerances. Consistency in height is a key issue and according to SANS 508, the dimensional differences in height may not be more than ±3 mm. Bosun offers a money-back guarantee in instances where these parameters are not met.

Bosun Versoblock

13.1 blocks/m²

The fit-for-multipurpose Bosun Versoblock is available with or without a ‘lip’ and can be positioned on its back, front or side when constructing a retaining wall, to create interesting finishes. The block offers added structural stability, due to the fact that its load is carried on five points, as opposed to the general three points.